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Buttonbush by K.P. Wilska


Get the latest stories from the Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge, including bison news, capital project updates, conservation information, and events. You can find out about these topics and more through our news articles, e-newsletter, podcasts, videos, and other publications.

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It is a unique island, if you will, that provides not only an opportunity to view birds and wildlife and be in nature, but there’s a certain tranquility about it, and I think there’s a certain peace that comes from being there.

Trinity River by Trinity Arts Photo Club


There’s so much to see and do at the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge that we want to tell you about! Several times a year, the Friends produce a podcast about all the great things you can find at the Nature Center. Visit our podcasts page to listen in on some memorable conversations.


Special occasions call for a special touch.  The Friends have created a series of videos over the years to commemorate the exceptional contributions of those who have made a difference in the continued existence of the Nature Center. Visit our Videos page to view some of these special moments recorded on film.

Lotus Marsh Lotus Pads by Friends Staff


Do you want to learn more about the Friends’ organization and the ways we support the Nature Center? Take a look at some of our publications, including our most recent annual reports.