Wetlands by Friends Staff

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The Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge has some exciting events planned this fall. These events are the perfect way to learn more about the plants that call the Nature Center home and discover what’s going on in the world of conservation. Watch for the REGISTER NOW button that will indicate registration is open. Check this page frequently to see what future events are on the horizon.

In this day and world in which we live, we’re so bombarded by so many things, but you can go to the Nature Center, and it’s quiet and peaceful, and I just find it a refuge.

Marty Leonard, Board Member Emeritus, Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge

Red-Eared Turtle by FWNC&R Staff

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Scenic view of wetlands with an egret in the distance at the Fort Worth Nature Center
Wetlands by Friends Staff

The Wonders of Wetlands

Our Historical Interaction With Wetlands

What is the complicated history of man’s love/hate relationship with wetlands? In our second foray into the wonders of wetlands, we will explore why this valuable resource is beneficial from a historical aspect, why we should love them today — and why they continue to remain controversial.

This event will be held in a VIRTUAL format on Zoom.

Cost is per registration.

Suzanne Tuttle in a field of flowers gazing out over the prairie at the Fort Worth Nature Center
Suzanne Tuttle by FWNC&R Staff

NEW Conservation Conversations

A Chat With Suzanne Tuttle

Join us for our new Conservation Conversations series this fall via Zoom! We will be sitting down with leaders in the conservation field to have a conversation about what conservation issues are most important to them during this time in our history. We will also explore how the Friends (and all of us) can participate in helping support conservation within — and beyond — the borders of the 3,600 acres that comprise the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge.

Our first conversation will be with Suzanne Tuttle, former manager of the Nature Center. As manager for 11 years (and an additional 12 years as a staff member), Suzanne became very familiar with the most-pressing conservation issues affecting the park. Hear her insight on how we can protect this place for future generations.

This event will be held in a VIRTUAL format on Zoom.

Cost is per registration.