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Liatris by Troy Mullens

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The Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge is a natural wonderland of forests, prairies, and wetlands, allowing visitors to step back in time and experience what the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex was like in the early 20th century. The Nature Center covers 3,621 acres and includes more than 20 miles of hiking trails, making it one of the largest city-owned urban nature parks in the United States.

Nature Center Programs

View from a kayak on the Trinity River at the Fort Worth Nature Center
Kayaking by FWNC&R Staff

Education and Fun for All Ages

In 1980, the Nature Center was designated a National Natural Landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior. With the ever-growing population of Fort Worth and the surrounding communities, having a place to explore and enjoy the outdoors is important for residents. The Nature Center is home to many native habitats, which visitors can explore and discover on self- or staff-guided hikes.

Staff members also offer many programs throughout the year, providing opportunities for visitors to learn about our natural world. From bird watching to nature hikes, plant walks, yoga, aquatic adventures, and more, the Nature Center offers activities for every age and skill level. You can even participate in some fun after-hours adventures. In the summer, kids from kindergarten through 7th grade can immerse themselves in nature and learn about the outdoors through the Nature Center’s summer camps, Summer Natural History Adventures.

Our mission is to encourage visitors to experience the complex mosaic of soils, vegetation, and wildlife that make up the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge through personal experience, volunteerism, and naturalist-led exploration.

Lotus Marsh Lotus Pads by FWNC&R Staff


The Nature Center undertakes many projects and events that cannot be completed by staff alone. It takes a community of volunteers to carry out its mission. Here are some of the areas in which volunteers can make a difference. If you are interested in helping out at the Nature Center, click the link to find out about volunteer opportunities and contact a Nature Center staff member.

Volunteers cutting back phragmites along the Boardwalk at the Fort Worth Nature Center
Natural Guard by FWNC&R Staff

Natural Guard

Volunteer holding a hognose snake at the Fort Worth Nature Center
Hognose Snake by FWNC&R Staff

Wildlife Ambassadors

Volunteer helping to launch a canoe at the Fort Worth Nature Center
Canoe Launch by FWNC&R Staff

Canoes / Kayaks

Group photo of docents at the Fort Worth Nature Center
Docents by FWNC&R Staff


Greenhouse volunteers learning plant surveying at the Fort Worth Nature Center
Greenhouse Volunteers by FWNC&R Staff


Naturalist helping visitors learn about plants
Guided Hike by FWNC&R Staff

Roving Naturalist

Contact the Nature Center

If you have questions about Nature Center programs, hours, or admission policies, please contact the Nature Center directly. Contact information is provided below.