Painted Bunting by David Morgan

News & Updates

Want the latest updates about what’s happening with the Friends and at the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge? Learn about interesting Friends stories, the bison herd, member events, what’s happening behind the scenes at the Nature Center, important conservation topics, plants and wildlife, Nature Center staff and volunteers, and more.

Greenhouse volunteers collecting seed in a field of flowers at the Fort Worth Nature Center

Want to Volunteer?

Volunteers are critical to the operation of the Nature Center. From Natural Guard to the greenhouse, see what volunteer opportunities are available.

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Blooming redbud tree with cactus in the foreground at the Fort Worth Nature Center

Managing Disturbance

Natural disturbances help maintain health and vitality in wild habitats. The Nature Center as an entity is no different as 2020 and 2021 brought more than their fair share of disturbances.

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Bold jumping spider on a Mealy blue sage flower at the Fort Worth Nature Center

Small Garden Allies

Spring is the time for six- and eight-legged creatures to visit our gardens in search of food. Contrary to popular belief, most of these small garden visitors are beneficial and harmless.

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