Member Profile: Jean Pirmann


Longtime Friends member Jean Pirmann shares why she loves the Nature Center — and being a member of the Friends.
Friends member Jean Pirmann standing in front of a bison near the bison range fence at the Fort Worth Nature Center
Friends member Jean Pirmann loves to visit the bison at the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge. Photo by Jean Pirmann.

Jean Pirmann has lived in Fort Worth since 2008 but didn’t get around to visiting the Fort Worth Nature Center for another decade.

“My brother and his wife travel the country in an RV, and they passed through Fort Worth for a visit in 2018,” she says. “He’s an outdoorsy kind of guy, so I researched places where I could take him during his visit.”

Jean discovered the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge. Though she didn’t consider herself to be an outdoorsy type of gal, she was open to a new experience.

“I was amazed at how big the Nature Center was, how clean it was, and how well-maintained it was. I was also impressed with the learning center. We discovered so many different things that you can find there,” she recalls.

When her brother returned for a visit the following year, Jean became a member of the Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center for the free entrance membership benefit. She found herself visiting more and more. When the Friends group began hosting special members-only events a couple of years ago, she was all in. She’s attended several S’mores by Starlight events, a Bagels and Botany experience, and she absolutely loved Breakfast with the Bison.

“These events helped spark the kid in me to come out and play, and it ignited an interest in nature and the outdoors,” she says. “I really enjoyed the nighttime hikes at the S’mores by Starlight events and learning about owls and seeing the stars and planets. The experts who shared information at the Bagels and Botany and Breakfast with the Bison events were simply wonderful. I learned so much and want to learn more!”

Jean has retired from a federal job working at the Naval Air Station. Now that spring is in the air, she’s looking forward to many more visits in 2021 and beyond.

“Becoming a member of the Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center is the best investment I’ve ever made because I know that whenever I want, I can go out to the Nature Center, enjoy being in nature, and just relax. Sometimes, getting away from everyone and going off by yourself is exactly what you need. It’s so nice to sit quietly and listen to the birds and critters. I didn’t used to be an outdoorsy person, but now I really enjoy being out there enjoying a nice, peaceful walk.”

By Lydia Saldaña, Board Member, Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge

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