Rabbits live in swamps

Did you know rabbits live in swamps? And you would probably never guess that they are appropriately named swamp rabbits (Sylvilagus aquaticus)! Swamp rabbits are cousins of the common cottontail, and they call swamps and bottomlands home.
They are great swimmers and are larger than your average cottontail. Swamp rabbits average three to six pounds, with grayish brown pelage and rusty spots behind the head and rump. Although you may think their bigger size would make them easier to spot, they actually lie low during the day, making these elusive critters very difficult to see. However, the presence of swamp rabbits in an area is identifiable in a very unique way. Swamp rabbits are distinguishable from other rabbits by the way they purposely place their droppings on downed rotting logs to mark their territory. This is a crucial characteristic in determining if swamp rabbits are in the area. So, if you are out and about in a swamp or bottomland and happen to spot some scat on a downed log, you just might be lucky enough to have a swamp rabbit in your midst!

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