Annual Park Visitation

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Until 2006, the Nature Center had no clear idea of annual park visitation since its founding in 1964. Staff recorded building visitation…that is if a staff member was on duty or the building was open! The Nature Center has come a long way in the past 12 years in the way park, building, and program visitation are recorded. In fact, the Nature Center has had anywhere from 715 to 1,115 visitors on any given day, with the top three occurring during Lake Worth Monster Bash celebrations.

Spending time with people who love nature creates priceless experiences; sharing a mission with them generates exceptional satisfaction. Both are benefits of Friends membership. This award-winning organization is a strategic force in keeping the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge an exciting and innovative place to visit in our fair city.

To preserve, protect, and conserve in perpetuity the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge.

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