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Join us as we explore the wonderful world of wetlands!

Did you know the Nature Center is home to numerous wetlands? Wetlands are one of nature’s most precious resources, offering many benefits to wildlife and humans alike. They can also be one of nature’s most misunderstood assets.

Over the course of this in-depth quarterly series, we will investigate the following:

* What makes a wetland a wetland and what is the science behind them?

* What is the history of man’s love/hate relationship with this valuable resource?

* Which wildlife and plants depend on these water ecosystems for survival?

* How have species evolved to take full advantage of the daily necessities that wetlands supply?

* Do soils make a difference in how a wetland can form?

* Why are wetlands important to humans?


On Saturday, March 27, join us for a VIRTUAL walk at the Fort Worth Nature Center as we journey into the wonderful world of wetlands.

In our first foray into the wonders of wetlands, we will peer into the science behind what makes a wetland a wetland and why we should value them.

Wetlands are sometimes referred to as the kidneys of the world; they capture and filter various harmful pollutants and, just as important, support many fish and wildlife species. In addition, they moderate floods, support groundwater recharge, and provide other critical functions. Wetland types vary, each of which provides a valuable function. Watch your email for more events in this series. As visitor safety guidelines evolve, these virtual events will transition to an in-person format at the Nature Center.

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