Did you know?

Where Did Bluestem News Get Its Name?
The name “Bluestem News” has been around as long as the newsletter has been produced. The newsletter itself has gone through a number of modifications over the years as it has strived to keep up with the times. However, you may not know that bluestem grass (or Schizachyrium scoparium) is essentially the unifying plant of all the habitats of the refuge, particularly the prairies and Cross Timbers forest. Without bluestem, Fort Worth would not exist (no cattle industry without this dominant grass), and certainly the Nature Center would not have been founded.

Spending time with people who love nature creates priceless experiences; sharing a mission with them generates exceptional satisfaction. Both are benefits of Friends membership. This award-winning organization is a strategic force in keeping the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge an exciting and innovative place to visit in our fair city.

To preserve, protect, and conserve in perpetuity the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge.

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