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Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge, Inc. (FONC)

The Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge, Inc. (Friends) was established June 1, 1974, as a non-profit organization by 40 individuals who shared a common goal of preserving and protecting the natural and cultural resources that are the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge (Nature Center). The Friends evolved over the years from hands-on running of Nature Center programs to our present function as chief financial supporter. Learn more from a 2014 commemorative anniversary video.

bison5Tax-deductible memberships and donations through the Friends allow us and the Nature Center to provide critical services and programs. You can learn more about the Friends organization, including financial information and programs, online on Guidestar, an organization that collects and shares information about nonprofits.

Here are a few significant benefits brought to the Nature Center in recent years by Friends’ members and supporters:

  • Pasture, feed, hay, and veterinary services for the bison herd and all of the other ambassador animals.
  • Friends have purchased additional animals, provided the west pasture well, and build the Birds of Prey exhibit with special fundraisers.
  • Funding for staff and intern positions.
  • Designing the Bluestem News, Summer Natural History Adventures and Spring Break brochures, and the trail map.
  • Restroom facilities at Lotus Marsh, Greer Island, and the Big River Parking Lot.
  • Canoes, kayaks, racks, and equipment purchase and maintenance.
  • Stipends for staff to attend professional meetings and training courses.
  • Renovation and design plans for a picnicking area at Broadview Park and docks at Greer Island and the Big River Parking Lot.

Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge
PO Box 471486
Fort Worth, Texas 76147

Spending time with people who love nature creates priceless experiences; sharing a mission with them generates exceptional satisfaction. Both are benefits of Friends membership. This award-winning organization is a strategic force in keeping the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge an exciting and innovative place to visit in our fair city.

To preserve, protect, and conserve in perpetuity the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge.

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